Financial Advisory

Small website for the Financial Advisory business unit at Deloitte. The goal was to create a small digital business card that would give the clients a short, clean and inviting introduction to FA.


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Santa has been disrupted!

Campaign movie which main goal was to draw attention to Deloittes annual online Christmas calendar. The idea was to create a small and humorous movie focusing on the current talk and fuzz about the digital transformation, but also to play with Deloittes new (circular)visual identity in a different way.


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Banner campaigns for the awesome and recognizable car Mini.

juggle the ball

The danish newspaper B.T. wanted more subscribers for their newspaper. This should be achieved through a conspicuous and intense online campaign. In collaboration with I created an interactive banner where the user should see how long he could juggle the ball. Furthermore the user was – with a single click – able to sign up for a subscription.


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(requires flash)

chermayeff & geismar

Creators of some of the world’s most iconic brands, such as Mobil, PBS, MOMA, and NBC, Chermayeff & Geismar is a graphic design firm specializing in the development of trademarks, exhibitions, print and motion graphics and art in architecture. I had the honour and privilege to work for Ivan Chermayeff & Tom Geismar in New York. They needed a clean and well-designed corporate website to present the company and show the work from their careers, which goes back more than 50 years.


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destination bornholm

The tourist information office of Bornholm, a far east Danish island in the Baltic Sea, needed a new website in the pursuit of attracting new tourists. The information about the island and all the adventures was to be presented in a new colorful, vivid and visual way – which should give the user a different and conspicuous experience when visiting


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langvad møbelsnedkeri

Tell me what you dream - and I will build it!

The furniture joinery company Langvad Møbelsnedkeri needed a new website showing their exclusive and handcrafted products in a strong characteristic visual manner.


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project site manager

A project management system for easy and intuitive update of websites for creative professionals – primarly designer and photographers. Still under development, but have a look and feel free to test it out.


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climate change documentary

Climate changes for people living in different parts of the world. Designed and developed for photographer Jakob Dall.


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potz braulein

Mixing the daring with the wearable is the core of POTZ´ BRAULEIN (P´B) design. The young Copenhagen-based fashion brand incorporates a unique and contemporary

edge into an otherwise commercial collection. In order to move into the international market, P´B needed a distinctive look for their website.