Identity program for investment company. The client needed a characteristic and exclusive profile. I created a logotype with the company name merged in between the contact information of the company. As a mark of quality and to emphasize the exclusive look, the identity was printed on high-quality watermarked paper.

potz' braulein

In their corporate identity, P B wanted to visualize the two driving forces that made them establish their business: rebellion and the pursuit of self-determination. At the time, a pair of angel wings was their logo, which the owners found too static. To visualize the transition from the old identity to the new, I therefore kept one of the old angel wings on the left hand side and combined it with a wing of an eagle on the right.

nobody's perfect - but a team can be

House of Progress, a company working with team performance and recruitment, needed a strong visual profile to make them stand out in a very competitive market. When creating the logo my primarly goal was to visualize the services from the client. To make individuals work and collaborate in the best possible manner - as a team.

the world is yours to explore

Steep & Deep, a ski and outdoor brand, was opening a large store in the Copenhagen area and needed a new profile to attract new potiential clients. I created a logotype from the words and meaning of the companys name.

musica nova

Copenhagen concert association for new and experimental music. I created the logo with fragments visualizing the experimental, impulsive and often improvised melodies of the music.

targeting cancer cells

In the search for more investors, Odin Medical, a cancer research laboratory specialized in a certain technique to target cancer cells, needed a new identity to give the company a strong and more visible profile. I created the logo, showing the technique in a simplified way and also kept a corporate look and feel.

Bellevue Tri

Logo for Triathlon event that takes place at northern Copenhagen beach front.


In connection with a new webshop, Krusemynte(mint), a company dealing with furnitures, applied arts and delicacies, needed a redesign of their identity for their brick and mortar shop, bags, business cards etc. To give the identity a rustic and antique look I designed the mint leaves, based on the old copper engravings technique.