Novo Nordisk

Concept // Design Trainee opportunities at one of the worlds leading diabetes care companies Recruiting brochure giving information about trainee opportunities at Novo Nordisk A/S, one of the worlds leading diabetes care companies. The brochure was part of a larger recruiting campaign that included exhibition design, printed and digital materials.

Bellevue Triathlon

Brand identity Stroke it. Ride it. Pound it. Tri It. The Bellevue Triathlon takes place on the northern outskirts of Copenhagen. The lifeguard towers at the beach were designed by Danish architect and furniture designer Arne Jacobsen. The characteristic tower was implemented in the logotype to support the name and the place of the event. A […]


Concept // Design A graphic book inspired by a tragic story in ’98 Graphic book created in a ‘Form & Communication’ subject at The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. The book deals about a girl who was missing and ended up being murdered in 1998.  The result that Rasmus came up with was extraordinary. I […]


Branding / concepts / design Insight into who Deloitte is – as a company and a social actor. ChangeMaker The ChangeMaker campaign was a new initiative in the pursuit of attracting more accountants to the firm.  Brand refresh A bold rebranding as a sign of its leadership position The corporate visual identity was implemented in Deloitte […]

CPH Hospitality

Brand identity Develop your business through sustainable gastronomy CPH Hospitality offers specialised consulting for gastro-based businesses. The company needed a new identity and website to present their services and founders. “My passion is to make exciting food, that is innovative and sustainable.”Theis Brydegaard


Brand identity Psychological services and examinations in Danish, Arabic, French and English Identity program for Yasmine – an arabic speaking psychologist based in Denmark. The logotype is merging the Greek letter Psi with the initial letter in Yasmine’s name. Psi (Ψ) is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. It is used to represent the […]

Odin Medical

Brand identity Targeting and eliminating cancer cells In the search for more investors, Odin Medical, a cancer research laboratory specialised in a certain technique to target cancer cells, needed a new identity to give the company a strong and more visible profile. The logo visualises the technique in a simplified way and maintains a corporate […]


Brand identity A Copenhagen-based café focusing on high-end food at affordable prices. Madtjenesten needed a new visual identity for attracting new potential customers in a crowded market. The identity had to stand out and be colorful and bold.