Model design Udvikling af modelserien Insectoids 


Photography / Video Capturing moments in life. Nature moments arise out of the blue, and the outcome is a personal interpretation of what you see and how you see it.


Concept // Design A graphic book inspired by a tragic story in ’98 Graphic book created in a ‘Form & Communication’ subject at The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark. The book deals about a girl who was missing and ended up being murdered in 1998.  The result that Rasmus came up with was extraordinary. I […]


Branding / Concept / Design  Insight into who Deloitte is – as a company and a social actor. Campaign / Design ChangeMaker The ChangeMaker campaign was a new initiative in the pursuit of attracting more accountants to the firm. Credits Thomas Bille: Graphic design Campaign / Project management Brand refresh A bold rebranding as a sign […]